Glitch Coffee Roaster:日本東京的精品咖啡豆團購計劃

Glitch Coffee Roaster: Group buying program for specialty coffee beans in Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever thought about enjoying specialty coffee beans from Tokyo, Japan, while sitting at home? Now, Coffee Stage brings you Glitch Coffee Roaster’s coffee bean group purchase plan, allowing you to taste the best coffee beans without leaving home.

Glitch Coffee Roaster: Tokyo’s specialty coffee brand

Glitch Coffee Roaster is a specialty coffee brand originating from Tokyo, Japan, known for its innovative roasting technology and insistence on quality. At the Coffee Stage, we proudly bring Glitch Coffee’s selection of products to coffee lovers. Glitch Coffee not only pays attention to the quality of coffee beans, but also pays attention to every detail in the roasting process and is committed to exploring the unique flavor of each bean. From the bright acidity to the rich taste, Glitch Coffee brings you a unique coffee experience, making every cup of coffee a feast for the senses.

Glitch Coffee 咖啡豆

Coffee bean group purchase promotion: one surprise after another

We hold group buying events for Glitch Coffee twice a month. In order to allow more coffee lovers to experience the unique flavor of Glitch Coffee, we have specially set up the following four discounts:

  1. 《First Wave》Buy 2 packs or more: Buy 2 packs or more of Glitch Coffee beans, get $10 off each pack.

  2. "Second Wave" Reaching the Specified Quantity: For each group purchase plan, if the specified quantity is reached before the order is collected, the reduction and exemption rewards will be started immediately. For example, if you buy 10-19 packs, you will get a discount of HKD$5 per pack; if you buy 20-29 packs, you will get a discount of HKD$10 per pack; if you buy 30 packs or more, you will get a discount of up to HKD$15 per pack.

  3. Free shipping for "Third Wave" orders over $500: Free shipping for purchases over $500 in the online store.

  4. "The Fourth Wave" Free Order Offer: During the first "Group Purchase of Coffee Beans" event, we will select 2 customers to participate in the "Glitch Coffee Free Order".

In order to ensure the freshness of the coffee beans, we will order them as soon as possible after receiving the order and send all the coffee beans out within 24 hours after arrival.

How to participate in the coffee bean group buying plan?

If you are interested in our coffee bean group purchase plan, you are welcome to go to our website before 23:59 on the evening of November 20, 2023 (Monday) Shop. We will order coffee beans for you as soon as we receive the order, and send the coffee beans within 24 hours after they arrive, ensuring that you can enjoy the freshest coffee beans in the shortest time.

All group-purchased coffee beans may be returned due to insufficient inventory from the supplier. If this happens, we will provide you with a full refund within two days after the group purchase ends, and notify all affected customers within 24 hours before the group purchase ends.

This selection of 10 Glitch Coffee & Roaster coffee beans:

1. Colombia El Paraiso Red Plum | Original Drip-Bag 10PC | ear bag
2. Colombia Finca Los Nogales | 150g
3. Colombia Huila El Mirador Geisha | 100g
4. Colombia Inmaculada Fellows | 150g
5. Ethiopia Sidama See Washed | 150g
6. Ethiopia Tamiru Sky Project | 100g
7. Ethiopia Natural Aricha Recovery | 150g
8. Ethiopia Natural Aricha Recovery | Original Drip-Bag 10PC | ear bag
9. Ethiopia Washed Aricha Return | 150g
10. Glitch Coffee Starter 3-Types | (150g × 3pc)
Glitch Coffee 咖啡豆Glitch Coffee 咖啡豆
Glitch Coffee 咖啡豆

Glitch Coffee & Roaster Brand Story:

Glitch Coffee & Roasters (Glitch for short) is a coffee brand founded in Jimbocho, Tokyo, Japan in 2015. Its rich cultural background brings unique characteristics to it. Glitch insists on providing single-origin coffee that best displays the origin and producer's personality, thus attracting a large number of coffee lovers at home and abroad. The founder of the brand, Mr. Suzuki Seikazu, has been responsible for purchasing and roasting green beans.

Glitch Coffee 精品咖啡豆

Mr. Suzuki emphasized the core philosophy of the brand, which is to rather serve what they believe to be 100 percent quality coffee, even if it may not be to all customers' tastes, rather than serve a cup of coffee that they are not satisfied with. For them, the week-long trip to Bolivia broadened their understanding of "quality" and became an important opportunity for them to improve the quality of their coffee.

Glitch Coffee 咖啡豆

Another hallmark of Glitch is its close working relationships with producers. They conducted a unique "origin visit tour" activity to have close contact with producers, which is very different from the traditional visit tour led by exporters. During these visits, they not only ate local food, but even stayed in their homes and participated in local cultural activities such as singing, dancing and celebrating birthdays. This in-depth cultural exchange was impressive.

In addition, Glitch invests in producers through TYPICA Lab, providing them with equipment such as drying racks and greenhouses, and producers pay a portion of the sales as equipment costs. This investment method helps maintain good working relationships with producers, and also gives Glitch’s team the opportunity to experience first-hand the hardships of coffee production, including walking to the farms and the labor of picking coffee cherries.

Glitch Coffee 咖啡豆Glitch Coffee 咖啡豆

Future Coffee Stage member activities and benefits

In addition to the coffee bean group purchase plan, we also provide other forms of interaction and benefits, such as weekend coffee equipment trials, impromptu coffee parties, and member-exclusive mystery gifts. These activities not only enrich customers’ coffee experience, but also build a community that loves coffee culture.

Closing Remark: An extraordinary coffee journey

Glitch Coffee & Roaster’s first Hong Kong group purchase program is not only a shopping experience, but also an exploration and celebration of coffee culture. Through this group purchase, we hope to bring specialty coffee from Tokyo, Japan to coffee lovers in Hong Kong and enjoy this feast of taste and senses together.

Welcome everyone to actively participate, and on our official website Learn more. Let’s open a new door for Glitch Coffee & Roaster’s specialty coffee beans in Hong Kong and explore more coffee possibilities!



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