Flair Neo 濃縮咖啡機詳細介紹 - 完美入門濃縮咖啡的首選

Detailed introduction of Flair Neo espresso machine - the perfect introduction to espresso coffee

Flair Neo: Not Just a Coffee Machine

When we think of entry-level espresso machines, many people may think of products that are expensive or have simple functions. But Flair Neo breaks this stereotype perfectly. Not only does it provide a true espresso experience, it is the perfect combination of design, price and environmental friendliness.

Didn't expect to quickly fall in love with the Flair Neo espresso machine

In fact, I originally wanted to buy this machine to do a 5K Giveaway, and I didn’t expect to post about it, but after unboxing it, I was really “burned” by it, which exceeded my expectations. The white Flair Neo is even more beautiful in appearance than the Flair 58 I have. The design of the Flair Neo Espresso Maker is extremely simple, and I have noticed it before, mainly because of its attractive appearance. The price is about less than a thousand yuan, but the price/performance ratio is very high. While there are other options on the market, the feel and feel of the Flair Neo matches up well with its price. The all-metal body feels good in the hand, and the white metal appearance of the body is also very attractive.

Flair Neo Espresso Maker連壓力錶,雙層玻璃杯
Flair Neo Espresso Maker

The uniqueness of the Flair Neo coffee machine

The Flair Neo is more than just a coffee machine, it represents the true art of espresso at home. Although most home coffee machines/portable coffee machines/capsule coffee machines claim to be able to make espresso, the result is often just a cup of strong/under-extracted coffee. The design concept of Flair Neo is to allow every user to easily brew real espresso at home without having to pay a high price.

While traditional home coffee machines often use disposable capsules or require large amounts of electricity to operate, the Flair Neo is designed to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Not only is it simple, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, but it's also a lot of fun to use.

Flair Neo Espresso Ultra-compact Espresso Machine

I've actually been keeping my eye on this coffee maker, mostly because of how good it looks. But considering the price, I think there are a lot of Espresso machines on the market that are under a thousand yuan, so they should all have a good experience, but when you drink it, it just... um... I forgot this part. The psychological feeling is very important. And its workmanship is also uneven, and many of them are made of plastic. But its appearance already gives people a very heavy feeling. The all-metal body (except for the Espresso outlet), other parts are very heavy, and the white body has a metal appearance. Its physical texture is similar to that of the other parts. It can be used as a decoration. Putting it at home, this already gives it a lot of points.

Flair Neo Espresso Maker連壓力錶,雙層玻璃杯
Flair Neo Espresso Maker
Flair Neo Espresso Maker連壓力錶,雙層玻璃杯
Flair Neo Espresso Maker

Flair Neo - Revolutionary flow control 2 portafilter

Starting in March 2021, NEO has an upgraded flow control 2 portafilter. Not only does this make cleaning and unblocking easier, it also ensures proper espresso extraction by controlling the flow of boiling water through the coffee grounds. This means that no matter what kind of coffee beans you use, or what kind of grinder you use, the result will be that beautiful, delicious espresso.

Espresso beginner's first choice

Another point I have to mention is that it can already be raised to 8-10bar by hand pressure. If you buy its pressure gauge, I think the price is reasonable. If you buy a milk frother, you can drink milk coffee at home every day. But as far as quality is concerned, I suggest you read other people’s comments. Lishen: I haven’t tried it, but I think it should be ok. If you want to pursue higher quality, you can buy a grinder and other accessories. However, its native plastic pressing tool is enough for entry-level use.

Flair Neo Espresso Maker

Ease of use of Flair Neo

Operating the Flair Neo is not difficult. Just follow the instructions to assemble, mash, and press at the recommended pressure to get delicious coffee. The cleaning part may take some time, but the overall process should be completed within 5-15 minutes.

Flair Neo放咖啡杯的底座
Flair Neo Espresso Maker

Flair Neo Espresso summary

Flair Neo is also suitable for taking outside. It has a special storage box (needs to be purchased separately). The total weight is about 2.5kg, which is equivalent to the weight of a laptop, making it very suitable for carrying outside. I personally think its appearance and design are excellent and can be said to be a work of art. Judging from the online reviews and sharing, other users also rated it highly. So, if you ask me which Espresso machine is the best within a thousand-yuan budget, I would recommend the Flair Neo, which is not only reasonably priced but also has excellent appearance and functionality.

Flair Neo Espresso Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14 × 10 × 4 inches
  • Color: gray, white
  • Group head: standard group head
  • Reservoir capacity: 60ml
  • Handle diameter: 40mm
  • Maximum output: 40ml
  • Serving Size: 17 g

Brand: Flair Espresso-Flair Neo Espresso Maker


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