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Glitch Coffee, originating from Tokyo, Japan, is a brand focusing on specialty coffee, known for its innovative roasting technology and insistence on quality. At the Coffee Stage, we proudly bring Glitch Coffee’s selection of products to coffee lovers. Glitch Coffee not only pays attention to the quality of coffee beans, but also pays attention to every detail in the roasting process and is committed to exploring the unique flavor of each bean. From the bright acidity to the rich taste, Glitch Coffee brings you a unique coffee experience, making every cup of coffee a feast for the senses.

In order to bring you the best Glitch Coffee beans and the freshest roasting date, we will hold a group purchase of Glitch Coffee twice a month:

The current group purchase of Glitch Coffee Roaster is available. The order date is:
It will start at 22:30 on January 12, 2024 and end at 23:59 on January 14, 2024.

Buy coffee beans in a group, enjoy group discounts! Small profits but quick turnover!

Purchase over 10-19 packs of Glitch Coffee coffee beans before ordering, and get HKD$5/pack off per pack!
Purchase over 20-29 packs of Glitch Coffee coffee beans before ordering, and get HKD$10/pack off per pack!
Purchase 30 or more packs of Glitch Coffee coffee beans before checkout, and receive a discount of up to HKD$15/pack per pack!

After the final receipt date, we will place the order as soon as possible. After arriving in Hong Kong, "all" coffee beans will be sent out within 24 hours of the "arrival date" to ensure that the coffee beans remain at their best fresh roasting date.

All coffee beans purchased in a group may be returned due to the supplier being sold out. We will issue a full refund within two days after the group purchase ends and notify all affected guests 24 hours before the end of the group purchase.

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