9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機開箱體驗

9Barista espresso machine and ZXS-espresso Z2 steam milk machine unboxing experience

 A week after buying it, I finally had time to use it for the first time, unboxing 9Barista & ZXS-espresso Z2! To bring you a sense of ritual, before buying a coffee machine, I have been thinking about the milk frothers on the market. Are there any models similar to coffee machines that can use steam to froth milk?

9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機

Because I have tried many milk sticks that claim to be able to pump milk, but I really never succeeded in pumping milk. Until I watched the movie "Tiger Bear", I always wanted to give it a try. As a result, I finally took out the box and tried it today, which makes me full of expectations for the ZXS-espresso Z2 steam milk machine. I'm thinking,9Barista espresso machine plus ZXS-espresso Z2 steam milk machine, would it be a good combination? 

9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機

9Excellent performance of Barista espresso machine and ZXS-espresso Z2 steam milk machine

As for the 9Barista hand-pressured espresso machine, I have always wanted to try it myself. When I first used it, I was blown away by how well it performed. Not only was the extraction successful for the first time, but I was very lucky to succeed in the first time because I had seen many tutorials before and most of them did not adjust the extraction range properly the first time and sprayed it all over the table. Unexpectedly, I succeeded in the first time.

9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機

What I can tell you is that the moment it came out, the whole house smelled the strong aroma of coffee. It was super authentic and completely different from the Moka pot. CompareAs for traditional coffee machines, I don’t think there is much difference between the two, because I only have Lelit Mara X. I don’t know why I think its aroma is stronger than my Lelit, and the effect is much better than expected. The coffee powder is perfect, a bit like the dry version of flair espresso flair 58, but not completely dry. In short, it is excellent and completely addictive.

9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機

Interludes during operation

In fact, during the first operation, I was really surprised by the pressure at the beginning. I was even a little worried that the machine would explode due to too much steam pressure. However, after some exploration, I roughly know the correct operation, but the technique of latte art still needs further practice, so you must be extra careful when operating. It is recommended that beginners choose to operate in a relatively open place at home to avoid excessive pressure and explosion. So you must be extra careful when operating to ensure safety.

9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機
9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機

9Barista濃縮咖啡機與ZXS-espresso Z2蒸氣打奶機

Can rent 9Barista at the coffee stageCoffee Equipment

If you also want to experience 9Barista and ZXS-espresso Z2, you might as well try renting them at the Coffee Stage and delve into the world of coffee with me.

Coffee equipment: 9Barista espresso machine, ZXS-espresso Z2 steam milk machine

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