Flair 58 - 結合美觀與功能的手壓濃縮咖啡機詳細分享

Flair 58 - Detailed sharing of the hand-operated espresso machine that combines beauty and functionality


Why choose the Flair 58 manual espresso machine? 

If you pay attention to the hand-pressed espresso machine market, when you see this photo, I believe everyone can guess which model I am talking about, yes, it is the Flair 58. Today I would like to share with you that if you are interested in the brewed coffee market and want to try Espresso/milk coffee, but don’t want to invest tens of thousands of dollars at one time and require stable, high-quality and durable products, which one should you choose? What about one? Is this really a choice?

Flair 58
Yes, Flair 58 breaks this stereotype and provides an economical and practical solution. As a Lever Espresso Machine, it brings professional-grade coffee experience into your home, allowing you to enjoy top-quality Espresso without having to pay high fees.

Can the Flair 58 handle a good-tasting Espresso?

If you ask me, what are the prerequisites for a good cup of Espresso? I think I would answer, it is nothing more than the bar number and pressure reaching 9Bar, and it must be stable enough, not 7Bar now, 10Bar now, but also have a heat preservation/heating water tank system to maintain the temperature for coffee extraction, and it must be able to accommodate a 58mm Espresso machine The handle basically has the basic elements of a good cup of coffee.
The next step is cleaning and whether the water distribution network can be installed. Generally speaking, there is no problem. If there is a transformer, steam function, and milk frother, it will be more interesting, but the price will also become another issue, and I believe most of them need to use it. Large/space-consuming "traditional coffee machine".

So, if you want to save space and try it for the first time, but also want a higher cost performance, I chose it. Although it requires hand pressing during production, the number of bars "depends" on how stable your hand pressing technology can be, but it is relatively You will feel more like operating a machine, and the most important thing is! The following are its advantages for everyone.

Flair 58

The unique advantages of Flair 58 

  1. Stylish appearance, space saving: Its exquisite design not only takes up little space, but can also be integrated into various interior decoration styles.
  2. Emphasis on technology and quality: As long as you have certain skills, you can brew amazing coffee. It is extremely playable and can even easily reach a pressure of 10BAR!
  3. Durable and easy to clean: The durability of Flair 58 makes its owners excited, and its cleaning and maintenance are relatively simple, and it does not require frequent large-scale cleaning.
  4. 58mm Powder Tray: This means that if you want to upgrade your coffee equipment in the future, Flair 58 accessories/coffee equipment peripherals can be seamlessly connected to the upgraded coffee machine, and there is no need to purchase additional tamper, etc.For detailed sharing, you can refer to the Blog article I shared before, or wait for me to publish a detailed version later. Accessories, strong compatibility.

Flair 58 Espresso

Flair 58

So, does the Flair 58 Espresso have any shortcomings?

To be honest, the Flair 58 is a device composed of multiple accessories, and you need to regularly check whether the screws are tight. In addition, it does not have a milk frother function, so those who want to enjoy latte or cappuccino may need to purchase a separate milk frother.

For more details, you can refer to my previous blog on the website, or wait for the detailed version I will release later:

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