Coffee Stage coffee stage & Sip Coffee tasting joint program

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Thank you for your support and enthusiastic participation in our joint ride program. We are committed to bringing an extraordinary specialty coffee experience to coffee lovers around the world. This time, we are honored to introduce coffee beans from Ninety Plus Estate in Panama. We believe that its unique flavor will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

During the conception of the plan, we discovered that there was a lack of platform to promote top quality specialty coffee. Therefore, we decided to personally participate in this action and launch this cooperation. The values ​​of this brand coincide with ours, and this cooperation is based on our love and respect for this brand.

We are well aware that coffee beans priced at such a high price are a rare breed in the local market. In the early days, we also wondered: In Hong Kong, would any customer be willing to stop for a cup of coffee beans worth tens of dollars? But we firmly believe that without trying to promote, you will never know the possibilities of the future. This is also one of the core goals of our joint ride plan.

In order to let you deeply understand this value, we have produced a series of videos, hoping to shorten the distance between us and you through the combination of vision and hearing. Imagine you step into the coffee shop in person, and we show you the true value of this coffee through the video.

We are deeply honored by this. Here are two video options we have prepared for you:

Full movie -

Includes comprehensive tutorials on pour-over coffee. If you have time, we sincerely invite you to watch the full version for the best learning experience.

Selected teaching videos -

If your time is limited, this version will give you a quick overview of the hand pouring method. Because Ninety Plus coffee beans are so nutritious, you only need to use half the amount to get the full experience. We recommend watching this instructional video before pouring your coffee to ensure you get the most out of its excellent flavour.

Ninety Plus hand brewing method for beginners (provided by Sip Coffee)

step one

First wake it up (pre-soak), then evenly moisten the powder.

Step 2

When no more bubbles emerge and the powder layer begins to darken, add more water. Take a 200ml pour-over jug ​​as an example and slowly turn it six to eight times.

Step 3

Gently wait for the water level to drop for a while (about 1CM), then slowly pour in the remaining water / adjust the intensity according to your preference.


All eight types of Ninety Plus can be brewed using this method, but if you have a special taste or texture that you would like to consider, please contact us. We hope to have the opportunity to arrange or hold a workshop to share with you in the future.

Ninety Plus hand brewing method for beginners (provided by Coffee Stage)

Brewing Ratio (Applicable to 8 varieties of Ninety Plus coffee beans)

Water temperature Celsius: 92 degrees

Powder-water ratio:1:22-25

Grinding degree: Fine, close to Espresso|It is recommended to use a grinder Mazzer Omega (Soft) 6-5 grids

Recommended serving size: about 12 grams

Filter cup: Ninety Plus filter cup | Use Ninety Plus filter paper for better fit

Ninety Plus Hand Drip Method

Steamed: 30-40g|30 seconds

First water injection: Quickly pour water in a circle in the center|Final weight 130g|Large water column|When the water layer is close to flowing water, then add water|This process takes about 30-40 seconds (about 1 minute and 10 seconds)

Second water injection: Quickly add water in a circle around the center|Final weight 220g|Large water column|When the water layer is close to the streamer, then add water|This process takes about 30 seconds (about 1 minute and 40 seconds)

Three water injections: Inject water from the center to the periphery and from the periphery to the center in turns | Final weight 280-300g | Large water column | This process takes about 30 seconds (about 2 minutes and 15 seconds)

Brown body color

When the brown color is burgundy, it is considered to be the closest to the brewing technique, which is more comfortable, smooth and has a balanced aroma.


Ninety Plus Coffee recommends tasting it from hot to room temperature. Each temperature range has different flavors and levels, and you can clearly feel the changes.

Of course, it is better to choose a Ninety Plys sharing cup or a smaller Espresso sharing cup.

You can also take a sip slowly and keep it in your mouth for 10 seconds before swallowing, and you can clearly feel the change in flavor.

Thank you once again for your support. We look forward to exploring the wonders of more specialty coffees with you.