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Ninety Plus Coffee

Ninety Plus Coffee | Juliette (50g) | Coffee Stage Coffee StageX Sip Coffee Special Edition

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Ninety Plus Coffee Juliette (50g) Coffee Stage & Sip Coffee Special Editionon

Named for its romantic and subtly alluring character with admirers including two-time Chinese champion and WBC finalist Jeremy Zhang, Juliette is one of the sweetest coffees produced by Ninety Plus. It maintains the traditional Guyana coffee floral and citrus aroma. The clarity of flavor balanced with the depth and creaminess in its structure is like how rose wine compares to white or red wine葡萄酒的比較。

farm:Ninety Plus Gesha Estates
Silla de Pando, Volcan, Republic of Panama
Terroir:The rich volcanic soil is only 400-500 years old史
Altitude:Altitude 1500-1700 meters
Variety characteristics:Juliette
Flavor:White peach and orange peel皮
Roast degree:Light Roast
Processing method:Dry Fermented/Pulped
Drying method:Dried in Musilage
Production Year:2021
coffee bean weight:50g

Deadline for this baking:
After roasting is completed on Sunday, June 16, 2024, it will be sent out within three days to ensure the freshest specialty coffee.精品咖啡。

    About the Coffee Stage coffee stage and Sip Coffee collaboration project項目

    We will start preparing coffee-related cooperation projects at the end of 2023. As people who also love coffee, we very much appreciate the cooperation concept between the two parties, so we look forward to promoting specialty coffee to the mass market.大眾市場。

    Our first cooperation project is Ninety Plus Coffee. It is very difficult for us to find some batches of coffee beans in Hong Kong, Taiwan and even in the Asia-Pacific region. 我們使用Unique baking method,We hope to bring you an extraordinary experience and become one of the most impressive specialty coffees.一。

    Manual secondary screening of coffee beans to reject defective quality質

    Before every bottle of Ninety Plus Coffee is sold, we行Manual secondary screening of coffee beans。 This rigorous screening method is usually only used inSpecialty Coffee CompetitionorUsers who are extremely passionate about specialty coffeeThe selection process includes green beans before roasting and finished beans after roasting. We know that as top-quality coffee, if defective beans appear during the selection process, it will affect the consumer's taste and experience.品鑑和體驗。

    Therefore, although the cost and operation time of coffee beans are very high, we still hope to manually screen each bean in this way to only provide,只提供The ultimate coffee experience。 This way you can concentrate on every minute of the brewing process without worrying about the quality of the beans.品質問題。

    Become a pour-over coffee lover faster

    As one of the top coffees, Ninety Plus Coffee’s hand brewing method is different from those on the market, so we took a series of photos specifically for Ninety Plus Coffee.一系列Manual coffee instruction video。 These videos are not only hand brewing instructional guides, we also hope that through these videos, we can communicate with users who love our coffee beans.戶build connection,I hope you can taste the most delicious coffee and have a profound and shocking experience. You can also innovate and increase your brewing methods according to the official hand brewing teaching we provide so that you can become a coffee maker faster.成為一名Pour-over coffee lovers

    Each bottle of Ninety Plus coffee beans will include a complete hand-brewed coffee instruction video. We have invested a high cost to provide this service, which is very rare in specialty coffee. We look forward to a different experience of specialty coffee, and we will also launch it when the product is first launched. different sales activities的銷售活動。

    Use smaller portions but keep flavor longer長

    In daily life, the specialty coffee brewing we know as a single serving usually starts from 15g-20g, and the freshness of the coffee may reach the limit of the coffee beans after one month after opening.的極限。

    However, in the world of Ninety Plus Coffee our single serving size份量Only 8-12g is needed,The quantity is more than half less than the normal hand-made portion, and the shelf life is only one month.個月extended to three months。You don’t need to worry about the coffee beans going off-flavor because every bean in Ninety Plus Coffee is carefully selected by us and the beans are already very rich in nutrients.非常豐富。

    Even if you want to drink a cup after three months, you will find that there is not much difference in flavor, so whether it is a gift for your most cherished relatives and friends or when traveling, you don’t have to worry about the shelf life. Of course, we still recommend that you best drink it within a month. Finish your coffee After all, who can resist delicious coffee?能抵抗美味的咖啡呢?

    What is Ninety Plus Coffee?

    Ninety Plus Coffee is a specialty green coffee company originating from the United States. Founded in 2007 by Joseph Brodsky, the company is known for its unique特的「Profile Processing」Famous for its processing methods. Every step from variety selection, planting, harvesting to processing is customized for each coffee bean. Through constant cupping and adjustment, we ensure that each coffee bean can display its unique flavor. This processing method is fully Reflecting 90+'s commitment to quality, each coffee bean is carefully processed to maximize its flavor potential.地發揮其風味潛力。

    In coffee tasting, the quality of coffee is usually rated as 90 points or more out of 100, which is considered high-quality coffee. Ninety Plus Coffee's coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted to have rich flavor and layering, so it can get a score of 90 or more points, so it Often known among specialty coffee aficionados as迷中經常被譽為「Hermes Hermès grade specialty coffee beans」。

    Ninety Plus Coffee's coffee beans mainly come from Ethiopia and Panama. In Ethiopia, the company has its own coffee estate and works with local farmers to grow and harvest coffee beans. In Panama, the company works with local coffee processing plants to use innovative processing methods to process coffee. bean來加工咖啡豆。

    Ninety Plus Coffee’s coffee beans are renowned all over the world and have won many awards in international coffee competitions. For example, the coffee beans used when Wu Zelin won the World Barista Championship on behalf of Taiwan in 2016 were Ninety Plus Coffee’s. Panama Geisha coffee beans拿馬藝伎咖啡豆。

    If you are looking for top quality coffee beans with a unique flavor then Ninety Plus Coffee is a great choice選擇。

    A brief taste of Sip Coffee brand story:

    「Qianqiang is not only a coffee shop but a unique world where you can experience the flavor of coffee. When Qianqiang was founded, Tim, the founder, did not seek to create amazing works. Instead, he focused more on exploring the true meaning of comfort and relaxation. Every day of Qianqiang is about this. New answers to two questions open up unlimited possibilities in life答,開拓生活中無限的可能性。

    Ninety Plus Coffee | Coffee Stage X Sip CoffeeThe decision to insist on being run by Tim himself at Qianchang allows him to get closer to every customer and feel their moods and needs at every moment. For him, coffee is not just a drink, it is more like a profound life relationship full of different emotions. and levels同的情感和層次。

    existIn terms of bean selection, Qianchiang also provides coffee beans from Ninety Plus Manor. This is not only a choice, but also a fate. These coffee beans, with their delicate taste, unique flavor, and the balance and overall experience they bring, perfectly match Qianchi’s brand concept. He believes that good coffee, like the good things in life, should be balanced and harmonious物,應該是平衡而和諧的。

    exist Qiantao not only provides coffee but a life attitude of sharing, just like a caviar-themed restaurant.廳,雖然 Caviar is the protagonist, but the uniqueness of each dish is equally important. Every cup of coffee you taste contains the highest insistence on quality and love for the art of taste.的熱愛。

    Welcome to Qianqian, let us taste every drop of wonderful life together彩。

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    Regarding logistics and transportation in Taiwan, it will also be opened in January 2024, so stay tuned!

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    Give back to the coffee community

    We promise to invest part of the profit from sales every month, after deducting basic costs, into the coffee industry. From holding coffee parties, distributing coffee beans to giving away/trialing equipment, we aim to promote coffee cultural exchanges and create a close-knit and kind-hearted coffee community. .

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      Ninety Plus Coffee | Juliette (50g) | Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台X Sip Coffee 淺嚐 Special Edition - Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台
      Ninety Plus Coffee | Juliette (50g) | Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台X Sip Coffee 淺嚐 Special Edition - Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台
      Ninety Plus Coffee | Juliette (50g) | Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台X Sip Coffee 淺嚐 Special Edition - Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台
      Ninety Plus Coffee | Juliette (50g) | Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台X Sip Coffee 淺嚐 Special Edition - Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台
      Ninety Plus Coffee | Juliette (50g) | Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台X Sip Coffee 淺嚐 Special Edition - Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台
      Ninety Plus Coffee | Juliette (50g) | Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台X Sip Coffee 淺嚐 Special Edition - Coffee Stage 咖啡舞台

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